Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Regarding COHA's October 19 Press Release: "UN Delegations: Consider St. Lucia for the Security Council’s Latin American Seat"

Guatemala and Venezuela have persistently fallen short of the two thirds majority needed to secure GRULAC’s (the UN’s Latin American and Caribbean caucus) seat in the UN Security Council (UNSC) after more than two days of voting and 22 grueling rounds of balloting. Now, into the third day of voting, the results read: Guatemala 110, Venezuela 77. Voting was suspended on Tuesday until today, Thursday October 19, giving Venezuela and Guatemala’s ringmaster and vociferous supporter – the United States –time to lobby other governments into supporting their respective camps, or to consider a compromised third nominee.

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~Interesting idea. And I haven't seen think tanks trying to alter public debates on United Nations votes before.

Bob Press

Robert Press
Assistant Professor

Political Science
University of Southern Mississippi

~I'm a bit taken aback by your St. Lucia suggestion for the GRULAC Security Council seat. The choice between Venezuela and Guatemala should be a simple one - like choosing between St. Joan and Jack the Ripper even if Jack is always the US's favorite as long as he's our Jack.

I hope Chavez has other ideas, and if I were he I would never back off an inch from pursuing what all the UN neys know he deserves despite their cowardly votes against him. I'd go 122 ballots and many more to infinity until they threw me out bodily. He just may do that. If you can send me his email address, I'll recommend it.

I do enjoy your articles so please keep sending even though I disagree at times. I write a great deal about Venezuela for

Steve Lendman

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