Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Regarding "Préval of Haiti—A Provisional Report Card: Grade B+"

Dear Coha,

While Mr. Glenwick's article on Haiti and the Preval government appeared accurate in the description of the current state of affairs in Haiti, he erred in stating that it was up to the government to replace the "restavec" system. This system of sending children that one cannot support to live with more affluent families is the result of poverty. I cannot imagine what Mr. Glenwick thinks that the government can do about it.

By all first hand reports that I have had from Haitians traveling back and forth between Santo Domingo, where I live, and Port au Prince, the Capital city is transformed with a sense of peace since last January. People are out on the streets at night. The University is open late in the evening. People are hopeful and optimistic.

Please continue to monitor and report the situation there, perhaps with a bit more depth of understanding.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Eames Roebling


manipmute said...

All I can say is that you are still leading the same campaign against Haiti in order to show that a group of black people that decided to be free, fought for it and deservingly won their freedom from their white masters and oppressors were wrong of doing so. All you do is bash Haiti and anything positive that comes out of it. I think that the current Preval's administration is facing a great challenge and is showing resolve and determination to counter the countless problem he found.

Your article as bias as it is fails to touch the great progress made in term of the stability, the fight agaist corruption and effort to creates jobs and open the country to foreign investment. It also failed to mention that the elite and the foreign powers continue to fight under the table the effort against corruption in Haiti because that is how they have their ways in Haiti.

Against all odd, I think that the people of Haiti is showing that they can make Haiti the "Pearl of the Antilles" Even after an Ambargo by the USA, Spain, England and France, its invasion by the USA in 1915 in order for it to feed its war machine and might and left Haiti for dead in 1919, and even after countless dictatorship supported by the west, it is still possible, do not you think so?

You should show some decorum in your reporting; I know that you cannot help yourself to be like all the others trying to bring Haiti down to its knees, but be responsible and stop being heartless.

Your report is read by the world and some people do just that, will never go to Haiti and will see it for what you are saying.

By the way, the government cannot solve the Restavek issue without solving many issues, like having the congress to implement laws to ban the practice. This will not be successful without people economic situation to change and they will not have to send their children away. Would you believe that the majority of the violator of those children is from the elite, you go figure.

The fact remains that all the social problems can be better with the continuity of the current peace and stability; so please talk a little more about the positive steps being made; but your will not because your role is to be a destroyer!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Roebling and COHA similarly are promote very jaded and manipulative views on the poor in Haiti. On a recent discussion Roebling referred to the only supporters of Aristide in Haiti as being gang members. If she truly spent time in Haiti she would know from talking to people that a vast majority of the population view Aristide as a hero.

Babette said...

Re: Anonymous -- first - not only did I used to live in Haiti, I regularly travel back and forth there from Santo Domingo and am not afraid to use my real name when posting in a public forum. I do not know which posting of mine you refer to. Certainly Aristide had the support of large portions of Haiti and the world, myself among them. Many of us are therefore quite broken hearted both by his performance and that of many of his followers. You may include my disappoint in you among those. Have the courage to use your own name while attacking me. Elizabeth Eames Roebling - Santo Domingo