Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comments on COHA's Piece, "Kirchnerismo’ in Argentina Continues its Descent"

John Alabama

Illusion that U.S. not an absolute top-down dictatorship

When in 1776 our rich nobility founded the United States, they hired a militia to defeat the arm forces of England, France and Spain, and then hired paid actors to create a make believe government to hide their wealth, power and absolute control.

So here we are 233 years later giving 11 trillion of tax payer money to the rich nobility who own our seven largest banks, giving 18% of our gross national product each year to the rich nobility who own our medical industry, giving over a trillion each year to rich nobility who own our war materials industry, and sitting helpless while rich nobility give away over half of our jobs to cheep-labor nations. For our intelligent middleclass is about to become extinct, as they have not a big brain to be among the rich, nor the strong back needed to be among us who hard labor for the rich.

Comes now the richest corporations in Honduras, all owned by U.S. rich nobility, and by way of a military coup they to reestablish an absolute dictatorship over a slave-labor force of 7.5 million.

Its like the history teacher in Chicago who when asked by a third grade student, “Was Cuba one of our colonies?” then replied, “The United States does not have colonies. We have territories.”

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