Monday, July 20, 2009

Readership Comments on COHA's Piece, "Give talks a chance, US tells Honduran rivals"

John Alabama

Why was coup known by all but Zelaya? — Not a friend to warn Zelaya?

In total secrecy the Honduran Congress, Supreme Court and generals all proposed, argued and debated until they reached perfect agreement on a coup, and then before Zelaya could get out of bed there were a dozen hooded solders pointing guns at his head — Unbelievable. And most except it, without even a word of debate about it — truly Unbelievable.

For unless something changes the dynamics, Zelaya will agree to end all reform, and no president in Central America will again dare offend deadly Empire USA. Comes now light to force such darkness to give way.

Before Zelaya ran for president, the owners of Chiquita Banana and some other rich corporations in Honduras happened to be playing a round of golf, when one bemused, “If we do nothing to stop Chavez and his Bolivarian revolution, this green were standing on will be turned into a vegetable garden for the homeless. Come, let us sucker Chavez into fighting a coup he cannot defeat, a coup we orchestrate in a way that Chavez looks weak and helpless, and a coup that sends a cold chill down the spine of every president in Central and South America.”

So President Zelaya, his family being rich nobility for many generations, increased minimum wage 60% from about $1 to $1.60 an hour, and created welfare programs that could easily be reversed. Then as all politicians in Honduras are paid actors running a make believe government, all were coached on what they must say and do, and Zelaya shows up in pajamas at a foreign air port yelling “Coup!… Coup!… Coup!”

Take for example what Zelaya said when asked by Al Jazeera TV why he did not fly to the U.S. Air Force base in Honduras, “It is not a U.S. base, and our military would be on the runway.” Not true, as we have a lease that prevents anyone but U.S. troops from entering the heavy guarded base. As our supersonic jets and guided missiles are top secret, and the knowledge of whether we have nuclear warheads on the base is super top secret. And as Zelaya did not attempt to land on the base, and as the U.S. did not propose this as a first step to ending the coup, surely we have something most deceitful and suspicious going down.

And so, watch carefully how our hero Chavez handles the way Zelaya and the U.S. are doing nothing but talk about a compromise between dictatorship and democracy, how they can come up with a somewhat dictatorial democracy.

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